Finlay Macklon

Finlay Macklon

I am a PhD candidate in Software Engineering and Intelligent Systems at the University of Alberta. I am a member of the Analytics of Software, GAmes, and Repository Data (ASGAARD) Lab, and my research is focused on automated visual testing for web applications built with the HTML5 <canvas>.


Automatically Detecting Visual Bugs in HTML5 Canvas Games

Finlay Macklon, Mohammad Reza Taesiri, Markos Viggiato, Stefan Antoszko, Natalia Romanova, Dale Paas, Cor‑Paul Bezemer

37th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, 2022

A Taxonomy of Testable HTML5 Canvas Issues

Finlay Macklon, Markos Viggiato, Natalia Romanova, Chris Buzon, Dale Paas, Cor‑Paul Bezemer

IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 2023


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